"Sandee Design's diversity of art talent is amazing! If i've got a project that seems impossible to create, I will call upon Sandee to solve the visual problem. She comes through for me every time."

- B.G. Fresno, CA

"As an interior designer, it is important to work with an artist like Sandee who's vision is so similar to my own. I simply tell her what I'm thinking and she consistently comes up with the perfect solution for all of my clients."

-J.G. Fresno, CA

"The artistic talent of Sandee Design will turn your house into a beautiful home that is unique and distinctively your own. Sandee customizes your paint colors and technique to bring your vision to reality. Whether wall decor, fireplace or furniture finishes or framed artwork. Her talent and experitse is incomparable. We have been delighted with them any projects she has completed for us over the last 12 years."

- C.J. Fresno, CA

"Sandee is a natural born artist. She is continually learning hte latest trends in all facets of art to better serve her clients"

- A.Z. Clovis, CA

"Sandee's talent in the field of art is endless. Her work is beyond compare to anything else I've seen. From wall finishes to fine art, patina mirrors to pet portraits of my animals; Sandee captures the essence of what I am looking for. A true color visionary, she can tell you what works and what doesn't in your home."

- L.J. Fresno, CA

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Concrete Overlay

Countertops: As a creative option for tabletops and countertops, concrete overlay with an epoxy coating is a smashing art-piece. No one can have green onyx, blue marble, or any simulated granite on fantasy colors as well as "mural" art on a kitchen, bath counter or any tabletop without having to buy the entire slab.

Floors: Concrete overlay is an affordable flooring option for interior or exterior spaces. Patios, pool decks, garages, every room in your home or office; this flooring system is a beautiful way to enhance any space without the demolition of its substrate.

Unlimited colors, borders, medallions, patio "carpets" can all be created with our concrete overlay products.

Why Choose Concrete Overlay:
  • Variety of colors, borders and designs
  • Indoor or outdoor spaces
  • No need for granite.

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Concrete Overlay "rug"